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This is a song I never thought I’d see performed live.




what a time to be alive

this is legitimately beautiful i’m so happy right now

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people seemed to like my other drawing so i thought id give this a shot
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this never fails to send chills down my spine.
I love you, Austin. she’ll forever be watching over you & is beyond proud of you for overcoming all the obstacles life has thrown at you.
"This is not what it is, only baby scars."
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Inside look at the meaning and making of Immaculate Misconception Video.  

If someone posts something negative about the video somewhere. You can take any of the quotes from this interview i did and shove it in their fucking face to prove them wrong.  Here ya go! enjoy and Reblog if you agree! :)

 How does it feel to know that Dee Snider describes “Immaculate” as the “We’re Not Gonna Take It” of a new generation?

I’m not really sure any answer I could give would sum up how I feel about him saying that. To put it in perspective, Twisted Sister was THE first band I can remember seeing on MTV as a kid that looked different. The intro scene to the “were not gonna take it” video hit me like a fucking train. Literally EVERY word that comes out of that fathers mouth was shit I was hearing from my dad every day of my life. Seeing what Dee did for the rest of the video obviously and seriously did something to me that then years later helped shape me into becoming the person I am today.  Knowing that its now YEARS later from when “we’re not gonna take it” was released and nothing in society has changed a single bit makes me feel like I now have a responsibility to carry on the legacy that Dee helped create and front for all this time. 

Cody said you had a very clear concept in mind for this video. Can you describe your collaboration on this project?

Sure. Basically, I had an idea for a LONG time as to what I wanted to do if we had ever had the chance to make a video for this song. I’ve personally collaborated my ideas with each producer we’ve worked with on all of our video’s and I think i tend to get REALLY far ahead of myself sometimes, so having them to work with is a huge help. The original idea I had for this video was a LOT more disgusting and fucked up, but after discussing them with cody, we found a way to take the main theme of what I wanted to portray and fine tuned it so that nothing could be lost in translation. He had a lot of great input towards it and definitely knows his shit. The main idea and main concern of mine was to basically parallel the 2 time periods of our band and all the open minded people in the world’s  present day life and the time period of Jesus’ life and show how similar they are. I wanted to highlight the hypocrisy and hold a mirror up to all the self righteous, Holier- than-thou people and show them how full of shit they are. We have our own beliefs and we aren’t afraid to speak out about them, We are not satanists, We have a positive message towards finding self-worth and inner peace, We don’t discriminate against ANYONE regardless of the way they look, their faith, sexuality, or race, and believe it or not, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jesus Christ. Yet despite all these very moral and positive vibes, we are still constantly ripped apart for being who we are. «- - Sounds really similar to what happened to the man the people that criticize us put all their faith in. You’re going to hear me say this in interviews for a while and i’ll coin it now that this will be my “catch phrase” haha. The only difference between myself and Jesus, and the major flaw in his plan was that he was trying to convince people to believe in him and a higher power (God) to find salvation… Whereas *I’M* trying to convince people to believe in themselves. God does not control your life, YOU do.

How often have you encountered these kinds of attacks on the band and your music? I didn’t realize you guys were catching so much abuse.

Most of the time the hate we receive is via the internet and it’s a constant stream. Every so often at shows we will encounter the usual hater or religious figure who will approach me.  I’m MORE than willing to talk to them and discuss our feelings, but Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 they won’t even let me get a word in because they aren’t interested in hearing what I have to say, they only care about trying to shove what they believe down my throat. Out of respect i will stand there and let them finish and hear them out, but when it comes my turn, they want NOTHING to do with it. There’s a venue in Tennessee called Rockettown that we are now banned from. We’ve played there many times, the staff and our band get along great and we’ve ALWAYS been respectful to the venues cussing and merch rules, but recently the higher up committee that decides things in the “best interest” of the venue decided that our band is not welcome anymore. It’s really fucked and you can’t do anything about it but shake your head and laugh at the utter fucking ignorance these people bathe in. 

When you finally cut loose on the main protester, it almost looks like you’re performing an exorcism, physically driving the ignorance and hate out of him. How did it feel to confront those emotions on camera?

I used to believe that the worst way to battle extremism is with extremism, but i’ve evolved. I am SO. FUCKING. SICK of being the good guy and i’ve completely let my hatred for humanity consume me to the point to where I will now fight fire with fire. If what happened in the video was a real life scenario, i would do the same thing. No one in the world today is willing to be “the bigger man” so if thats how its going to be then so fucking be it. Needless to say, it felt good. I still try to maintain some Integrity by being smart about the moves I make but of course you will always have the people who will interpret things the wrong way. It’s about time that Motionless In White and Myself become the villains we are made out to be. 

Your music speaks directly to your fans and their feelings… are you offering them the same sense of emotional release that you show in the video?

Absolutely. I want to establish before this whole thing is over that My band and Myself are 100% completely aware that NOT ALL Christians or followers of any religion are close minded and do the things they do in this video or the situations i’ve mentioned that we’ve experienced. I’ve met SO many awesome people in my travels that are Christians etc.. and regardless of whether they like Motionless In White or not, they still know how to keep an open mind and be respectful. I don’t want anyone watching this video to feel like they should be angry towards every person of any faith, or that we are attacking their faith directly. The song is very plainly written about the people who abuse Gods name by using it to profit or cause harm to others emotionally or physically, but it’s even more importantly written as a call to arms to ANY person in this world to come stand together to fight the ignorance that halts the progression of mankind. Hate me for that, I fucking dare you. 

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Chris Motionless: For the record...


I often wonder how people can be so stupid and believe everything they read on the internet. I understand that a lot of people are naive and just take everything at face value, but there are more times than not that I just face palm because people seem to thrive on false information.

Over the…

That’s what’s up

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awh omg :(
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